Fire & Safety Articles

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   Apartment Fire Safety Tips

   Cabin Fever and Firewise 

   Candlelight Service & Vigil Safety 

   Carbon Monoxide Info & Tips for Business & Building Owners  

   Careless Smoking Outdoors

   Cell Phone 9-1-1  

   Christmas Tree Disposal  

   Christmas Tree Safety  

   Carbon Monoxide – What you need to know and the action you must take TODAY  

   CO Alarms MN 299.50  

   CO Detectors  

   Cooking Safety  

   Daylight Saving Time

   Dryer Safety

   Escape Plan: Fire Drills In The Home  

   Electrical Safety Tips

   Event & Party Tent Safety Tips  

   Excelsior Fire District Gift List

   False Alarms In Dual Detectors    

   Fire Extinguisher Recycling and Disposal  

   Fire Facts  

   Fire Prevention History 

   Fire Safety for Snow Birds

   Fire Survival  

   Fireworks Safety   

   Freaky Fire Prevention  

   Halloween Safety Tips 

   Holiday Safety  

   Home Fire Safety Inspection Check List

   Home Maintenance Check List

   Hydrants, Home and Away from Home  

   Ice Safety

   Late Season Ice Safety

   Lawn Mower Safety 

   Lighting Up the Holidays Safely: Outdoor Lighting Tips

   Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips 

   Put a Lid on Grease Fires

   Recipe Book For Kitchen Safety

   Refueling Safety & Vapor Awareness

   Residential Fire Extinguishers

   Smoke Detectors

   Smoking Safety Taken Outside

   Space Heater Safety & Fire Prevention  

   “This Is Us” Fire Episode PSA

   Tiki Torch Safety 

   Tips to Keep Your Home Cool without Air Conditioning

   Trail Safety

   Turkey Fryer Safety Tips

   Valentine’s Safety Tips & Fire Prevention

   Warning, Outdated Grease Fire Message

   Water Safety

   Winter – Holiday Travel Tips

   Winter Hazards

   Winter Hydrant Care